Congratulations and Wishes to Mom

The warmest and most sincere holiday falls on the coldest autumn days – Mother’s Day. This event is permeated with a special atmosphere. After all, only our parents boldly take on their fragile shoulders a lot of unbearable worries: they regularly raise children, and skillfully cope with work duties, and do not dare to forget about the comfort and order in the house. Many musical and literary works have been created in honour of mothers.

Congratulations and Wishes to Mom

Domestic and foreign cinema is full of films dedicated to heroic mothers. They are given odes and erect eternal memorial pedestals. On a bright holiday, present and future parents are congratulated by friends and relatives, presented with flowers by work colleagues, showered with sincere wishes by the hosts of concerts in city parks and on state television channels.

On this day, children pick up and give as a sign of respect the most beautiful, kind and touching to tears verses for mothers from their sons and adult daughter; kids present short poems about mothers in 4 lines to their relatives. Against the background of sincere and sincere poetic lines, any material gifts lose their value.

Declarations of love in verse – touching love words and emotions

Beautiful and heartfelt declarations of love to a loved one will help you find mutual understanding and strengthen your emotional connection with your loved one. The best and most original words of declarations of love will help you maintain and strengthen relationships and bring joy and pleasure.

Declarations of love in verse for you and your loved ones – only the best, only original

Thank you, mom, from the daughter

  • Before you, dear mother, I am in endless debt; you are the most beloved person; I keep you in my heart. I’ll snuggle desperately, trembling, And immediately my soul is warmer; I want to be like you, Become a drop of my mom. I want you to be cheerful, And I pray to God for one thing – So that you are always healthy; I love you with all my heart!
  • My dear Mommy, you are the most divine angel; thank you for being exactly the way you are! Thank you for your endless kindness, warming warmth, strong hugs, and true love! Thank you for your good advice, keeping me from making mistakes, and for your immense care for me! You are in my heart, Mom!
  • Thank you, mom, thank you for the tenderness of the first touches, for warm smiles, for strong hugs, for sleepless nights, for constant care, for the bright colours of life, for happy holidays, for wonderful inventions and ideas, for wise advice and understanding, for kindness and attention, for maternal affection and love! Thank you, Mommy, for everything. And even if there are better daughters in the world, I know for sure that no one has a mother like me! You are the most wonderful!
  • Mommy, my bright angel, My guardian on earth, I am grateful for your help, My dear, to you. I say thank you For your care, kindness, You give me your wisdom, Understanding, warmth.
  • Thank you, mom, for your care, For the fact that you are with me And in the flow of happiness, And on sad days! Thank you for understanding, For not judging me, Wrapping me in love, Opening two wings. Thank you for the love, my dear, I give you words from the heart!
  • My dear mom, I thank you for everything, And thank you for your support, I speak from the heart. For me, an example in life You, Mommy, always, Daughter wishes you happiness, Joy for all years.
  • Thank you, dear mother, For the fact that you do not sleep at night; I always protect myself; you faithfully keep secrets. I appreciate your understanding; for your word good. I love you, my mother; I am very lucky with you.
  • Because I live, love, breathe, gently enjoy the sun’s rays, I thank my mother And admire you day after day! And I want to be like you, The same to be sympathetic and sensitive, May the angel keep you, Mommy, And give happiness every minute!
  • For my beautiful life, For every morning dawn, I thank you for everything, There is no more beautiful mother in the world! I want to absorb your features And be like you, Always surround with care And sincerely give happiness!
  • For love, my dear Mommy, I will not get tired of saying thank you. I will not get tired of thanking you For the fact that you taught your daughter to live. For the fact that you were strict with me at times, Made me think with my head. Maternal science I keep for children And I say, thank you, my Mom.

Beautiful birthday wishes for mom

  • Mom, the brightest and dearest person in my life. No matter how sad women are that over the years their youth is leaving, for me your birthday will always be the best and main holiday! All this is the same day when a person was born, without whom my existence would be impossible. I wish you good health, because you have everything else – your children, your happiness, the beauty that lies in everyone, wealth – your family and loved ones. We will always be there to please you, support you in everything and love you. Shine on your holiday, we all sincerely congratulate you! Let today you have only a good mood, fragrant flowers and kind words!
  • Dear mother, I congratulate you on your anniversary! You are the best mother in the world. Be always healthy, happy and cheerful. I love you very much and want to always be with you!
  • My dear mother! Accept the kindest and most sincere congratulations on this holiday – your birthday from your daughter! I wish you bright, good days, long life and excellent health, fun, beauty, patience and good luck! You are the closest and dearest person to me in this world, and I want you to always smile and look at life cheerfully! Be inquisitive and do not pay attention to minor troubles, because together we will easily overcome them! I wish you happiness and endless love!
  • Happy birthday to you, Dear Mom, I will gently hug you, Kiss you tightly, You are the only one in the world to me All relatives and closer, So the birds all sang for you, do you hear? And the flowers at dawn Bloomed soon, To make this wonderful day more fun, What would you smile, Mommy dear, May fate keep you, I sincerely wish, Never worry, Do not be sad furtively, May life be happy And insanely sweet!
  • Dear mother, I congratulate you and wish you good health. Always remain for me a reliable rear and support in life. Only with you I will overcome any difficulties in life, only your prayer will save me from troubles, only your love will console me in grief. Low bow to you and best wishes.
  • Mommy, I wish that there are fewer scars on your loving heart that leave children’s tears and resentment. Let the soul be filled with pride for the children and joy for their successes. Never give up, because they have a huge power that pushes you up and pulls you out of the abyss.
  • Beloved mother, we sincerely congratulate you on your birthday. You are the most important, dearest person in the world. May your life span last for a long, long time, my health and happiness come, may all insults and troubles disappear forever.
  • We wish you a fabulous life, patience and luck in everything. May there never be sadness in your life, may joy always be your companion. Be always, Mommy, loved and protected by God. May everything you dream of come true!
  • Mom is the closest and most native word for each of us. Today my mom celebrates her birthday. I dedicate all the compliments, all the warmest words to my own mother. Let your life flow like a full river among beautiful and strong banks. May health multiply every year. Be always beautiful, cheerful and happy, my dear. May a good angel protect you, may sorrows and bad weather forget your address. All earthly blessings to you, peace and prosperity.
  • Mommy, thanks to your hands for tenderness and care, heart? for love and kindness, and eyes? for a sincere smile. I wish you good health and the happiest happiness.

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