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Electric Grill Best

Electric Grill Best

Obh Nordica Optigrill + Xl – Flexible Choice in the Middle Price Range

As the only contact grill in this buying guide, OBH Nordica optigrill + XL still gives an imposing result. In addition, it has several innovative features and dishes that are dishwasher safe.

Deep Drip Trays

Although OBH Nordica optigrill + XL is a contact grill, it does not have a grille raised above a heat source but instead has a hot plate – it gives a really lovely grill surface. This is because it has deep drip trays, which help the grill remove excess liquid from the meat when it is being cooked.

Smart Features

OBH Nordica optigrill + XL stands out from the amount of electric grill best in the test because it has some brilliant features that help you succeed with grilling. It has an automatic technology that senses how thick the raw material is and how much of the raw material you put in the electric grill. Then an indicator lights up for how the meat is cooked; it ranges from “bloody” to “cooked through.”

There are also pre-programmed programs to choose from. Overall, the OBH Nordica optigrill + XL is a user-friendly electric grill that takes care of itself, for the most part.

Cleaning and Barbecue Area

The grill surface at OBH Nordica optigrill + XL measures 40 x 20 cm, which is not the largest grill surface but is sufficient for about 6-8 people (if you only cook meat). However, it is not the size of the grill surface that experts and users most praise, but it is easy to clean, thanks to the nonstick coating. In addition, the plates can be run in the dishwasher, which of course, makes cleaning a breeze—an excellent quality for an electric grill best in the test.


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Really good result
  • Smart functions with pre-programmed programs


  • Not the largest barbecue area

Weber Q 1400 – Weber on a Budget

So, you want an electric grill best in test, and you want a Weber – but you do not want to put just over seven cardboard on it? We ask to present the Weber Q 1400, which has everything we love with Weber’s grills without extra features that postpone the price.

Cast Iron That Provides a Nice Grill Surface

Weber Q 1400 is an excellent electric grill best in tests for many reasons, but we fall for a bit of extra because the grill surface is made of cast iron. This means that the heat distribution in the grill is exemplary, but it also means that this electric grill provides a really nice grill surface.

Weber is the only one to offer grilles in cast iron, and even though it makes cleaning a little more complicated to handle, we think that the nice grill surface outweighs it.

Radiation Grill With Thick Grill

Speaking of the cast iron grille, Weber has designed the Q 1400 so that the bars in the grille themselves are thicker than in, for example, Landmann’s grill. The biggest advantage of this is that the grill can withstand more cold than other electric grills.

When you open the lid to see how the meat is doing, you do not have to worry about the heat disappearing as quickly as in other grills. In addition, this grill has a really thick lid to be able to quickly reach high temperatures and then hold in the heat once it is reached.

Table Grill

Weber Q 1400 is a table grill, which means that it must stand on a flat surface such as a table, bench, or stone slab before you start it. Many people prefer table grills because they can be used efficiently during, for example, a dinner party.

However, keep in mind that this electric grill is a radiation grill and thus oozes a lot when used.

Flexible Design

First of all, the grilling surface of the Weber Q 1400 is quite large at 43 x 32 cm, something that is enough for a family dinner. Secondly, the grill grate is two-part, allowing you to cook one thing on one half and something else on the other if you wish.

The grill tub itself is also made of aluminum, which makes the weight of the grill light. It is thus easy to move the grill.


  • Effective
  • Stylish barbecue surface
  • Thick lattice


  • Tricky cleaning

Landmann Electric Grill 2200w – Standing Favorite

If you are looking for an electric grill that does not have to stand on a bench or table, this is the favorite for you. With a flexible stand, you can use Landmann’s electric grill anywhere. In addition, it is effective and gives a perfect taste.

Grill with Stand

If there is anything that is appreciated with Landmann’s electric grill, it is the stand. This makes the whole grilling process easier to deal with because you do not have to look for a good surface to place your grill on. However, the stand can sometimes be perceived as somewhat unstable by some.

With the stand, Landmann is the electric grill best in most flexible tests in terms of placement. It also has a relief grille where you can store the tongs if you wish. The height of the stand means that the grill ends up at a total of 830 mm, which is high enough for most grill masters.

Large Barbecue Area but Cumbersome Cleaning

Landmann electric grill has a large grilling area of 45 x 22.5 cm, which should be enough for most parties. Here you can grill both meat and accessories simultaneously or cook a more significant amount of meat for the larger party.

Because this electric grill has a grille raised above the heat source, the cleaning becomes a bit cumbersome. There is no nonstick treatment, which makes the cleaning of the grill more like a traditional grill.


  • Stand
  • Good grill surface
  • Grill grille raised above the heat source


  • Tricky cleaning
  • Slightly unstable

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